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My name is Rich Canci and I am a proud 6 time cancer survivor and the founder of Five Time Foundation™. At the time Five Time Foundation™ was founded in 2016, I was a 5 time survivor. Five Time Foundation™ was created to help raise funds for cancer patients and survivors. Those funds are raised through nightlife entertainment, community events and merchandise sales.

I have been battling cancer since I was 8 years old. I have had multiple surgeries and treatments, including a left leg amputation, multiple lung and back surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation as well. Since my last battle, I’ve taken more of an integrative approach towards preventing, battling and recovering.

Five Time Foundation™ will provide patients and families with everything from guidance, to travel and coverage not only for treatments, but the cost of daily living as well. Five Time Foundation™ is a new breed of fundraising and we believe if cancer doesn’t have a filter…… Neither will we!

I thank you for taking the time to read this, please explore the rest of the site check out our past events and shop at the newly designed online store.

Rich Canci
Founder of Five Time Foundation™